Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Muah MAC Eyeshadow Collection

Although my collection of MAC shadows are small, i still love them dearly~
I love love love all of my MAC shadows, they are pigmented, smooth and colours are oh-so-pretty!
Each of them are retailing for Rm57 each XD
Expensive! One KATE eyeshadow palette only cost me around RM46.
Anyways i don't think i can ever finish up my eyeshadows cuz i think i love to collect eyeshadows more than anything else :D

Humid★★★ - This is a dark tree green colour with a soft gold glow, very pigmented! (rated 4.5/5 in
Meadowland★★★★ - A vibrant, icey mint shade with a silvery sheen, applies on smoothly and very pigmented! (rated 4.3/5 in
Beauty Marked★★- Looks very very pretty in the pan but turns out like purplish black when applied with a slight purplish shimmer, wish that the outsome would be as pretty as in the pan~works great as a eyeliner though.The colour was hard to blend too.(rated 4.0/5 in
Parfait Amour★★★★ - My all time favourite purple colour!!! This is a very pretty light purple with a slight golden sheen, but it applies quite sheer though. (rated 4.1/5 in

Passionate★★★ - A matte reddish pink and applies on really sheerly. At first i had no idea how to use this colour, but then applied it near my lashline above my eyeliner(with nothing else) and i liked the outcome(because i don't usually apply alot of eyeshadows). Works nicely as a blush too. (rated 4.1/5 in
Goldbit★★★- This a champagne colour with iridescent golden glow, applies very smoothly and acts nicely as a highlighter or to tone down other colours when mixed. (rated 4.4/5 in
Honey Lust(Lustre)★★★ - This was my first MAC eyeshadow followed by Parfait Amour. I love how this shadow is packed with shimmers. It is a bronzey gold colour. Love this colour very much but it just doesn't look good on me. Too bad for that. And also, because of the chunky glitters, the texture is rather rough too.(rated 3.9/5 in

Eye Shadow Quad : Colour Scheme 3 ★★ (Rated 3.5/5 and 4.2/5 in
Semi-tone Greige - satin light grey

Excitable Yellow - velvet bright yellow

Sublimed Green - satin mossy green

Shaded mint - velvet bluish green

I just don't know how to use the grey colour! Excitable yellow applies very sheerly on, i can imagine that paired up with sublimed green.The only colour i like was the sublimed me stupid but i really don't know how to play with these 4 colours. Just not my type of colours :P

Anyways , i dislike my palette at first because of the colours and also the lid of palette was accidentally broken, so i used a MAC fafi sticker to stick on it. Now i love it very much! The fafi sticker was just so cute and the sticker looks exactly like the real MAC fafi quad.