Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stila Eyeshadow Trio - Gold Glow

I am actually not a fan of Stila cosmetics, but the quality of their products are nevertheless very good.

Stila can be easily found in major shopping malls in KL, kuching has yet to have one, hopefully they will consider opening a counter in Kuching soon.

Their most raved products should be the lip glaze, eyeshadow, illuminating foundation, and convertible colour.

I have their convertible colour in petunia, lip glaze and an eyeshadow palette which i just sold off not long ago. Sold the eyeshadow palette not because it is not great, but it is not quite suitable for me as it doesn't have shimmers which i like in japanese cosmetics very very much. Thus, i usually am not interested in Stila's eyeshadow palette anymore until i see this- Gold Glow Eyeshadow Trio!

Eye Shadow Trio
Let your lids look like they've been lying in the sun. Designed to be applied either wet or dry, this eyeshadow trio is baked on a terra cotta disk for a sheer, never chalky, application. The bronze trio features three different tonal shades for use as a base, crease shadow, and eyeliner.

Size: 0.17 oz

(Quoted from

The colours are well pigmented and very shimmery which i like! However the eyeshadows are not a little gritty, might be caused by the shimmers. Well, i don't really mind because the colours are so easy to blend. However i don't like the price and the packaging. The packaging is made of cardboard which seems mighty fragile. *Just saw stila's website , it stated that the packaging is now changed to aluminium compacts!*

I can't comment on the lasting power yet, because i have yet to try it. :P

Packaging : 4/10
Price : RM120
Overall Review : 6/10
It's nice for an everyday look, but it's too pricey and not special enough.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Koji eye talk VS Pink Lady Double Eyelid Tape

Double eyelid tape had been one of my MUST HAVE essentials since about 2 years ago, simply because i have hidden double eyelids with one eye with a more obvious double eyelid and another eye with a hidden double eyelid. This results in
Imbalance sizes of eyes

Hmm i think the double eyelid stickers did help me alot..because before i have both eyes with single eyelids or very hidden double eyelids.

And yes, i had heard alot of people saying these double eyelid stickers/glue will make my skin around the eyes sag and will have wrinkles, thus i only remove the stickers when i remove my makeup, just gently press a cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover and gently press it on my eyelids, then the sticker will fall off without tugging my eyelids.

Koji Eye Talk ( Double Eyelid Glue)

I had been tempted to buy this eyelid glue long time ago but not sure if it works. Because it's a glue? It felt a bit strange glueing my eyelids together to create a double eyelid. And i guess when we sweat it will melt and wont be as long lasting compared to double eyelid stickers?
Ah's worth a try. Thus i bought this and was attracted by its' cute packaging. And again Japanese proved that they put alot of effort in the packaging of their products.

Cute right?
there's even a tiny instruction manual inside to teach us how to use this eyelid glue.

It's a white liquid and turns transparent when it's dry.
The smell is a bit strong, it's a mixture of gluey smell + some fragrance i guess..
Although i dont really like the smell but it's still bearable.

This applicator also came with koji eye talk.
It has one end of a fork like thingy and

another end like this.

How do i use this?
1. Cleanse your eyelids and wipe them dry.
2. Use the fork applicator to measure the thickness of your double eyelids ( which you desire) - 4-6mm from your eyelashes will be more natural
3. Close your eyes
4. Use the brush applicator and apply a 4-6mm wide(oval shaped) on your middle eyelid - a thin layer will do and avoid uneven application
5. Wait the glue turns transparent, slowly use the fork applicator to push your eyelids up
6. To remove or redo, use a wet cotton pad to remove the glue

It was not as simple as i thought..
because we cant even know if the glue turns transparent already or not when we close our eyes.
Thus i need to open my eyes a little to take a small peak..and this makes my eyelids stuck together already when i open my eyes.. not a good thing though because my lashes also tends to stick to glue part -.-
i have to either remove the glue or slowly pull my lashes out from the glur (ouch, i lost a few eyelashes with this method)

Here's my results :

Not nicely done because this is my first time using this glue.
i believe practice makes perfect :D
When i close my eyes, it looks pretty natural but my eyelids does looks bumpy and not smooth..
But from afar these little details are unnoticeable.

BUT! When i tried to apply eyeshadows!! I was shocked by the effect!
My eyeshadows tend to stick to the glue part and accentuate the place where i applied the glue!

OMG! simply looks disgusting.
I tried using a base or foundation b4 the eyeshadows but to no avail.

Thus, i decided to only use eyelid glue when i dont want to have any makeups on..

Packaging : 9/10
Lasting Power : 7/10
(This is obviously not as lasting as the tape because when we stretch our eyelids for a period of time, it will go back to its original state, but still it's VERY LASTING if we don't stretch our eyelids too much :P)
Price : Depends on sellers.. some selling for RM37 some RM29
I bought mine for about RM20 or so :)
Overall Ratings : 6/10
Don't really like this though cuz it's much harder to use as compared to tapes.

Introducing my all time favourite
PINK LADY double eyelid tapes

This is a precut double eyelid tapes, so it's easy to use and convenient
There are 30 pairs inside..
There are 3 sizes, S, M, and L
i always choose S because my double eyelids are originally narrow.
Choose M or L if you wish to have a wider double eyelid, but wider tapes means your tapes will be more obvious and unnatural.
(Picture taken from

RM8.90 for 30 pairs only??? Expensive??
Just don't throw them away when u have used up the 30 pairs,
Because i'm sooo stingy i cut the tapes in between the precut tapes and still can be used for a long long long time
Usually in between one pair of the precut tapes, i can still cut 2 pairs out, because i only need a thin tape to create my fold.

How do i use this?
1. Clean your eyelids and wipe dry, if you want to apply eye creams can do so(NO OILY CREAMS PLS)
2. Make sure your eyelids are dry, then use a fork applicator and create your fold.
3. Use a sharp tweezer to tear out the tape and cut the edges so that it fits the length of your eyes. And remember to cut them nicely and round, so that it won't poke your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable.
4. Stick the tapes right under your fold ( middle of your eyelids)
5. Alter the tapes following the shape of your fold. Then use the fork applicator again and slightly "push" the tapes upwards and inwards.

and the results :

It looks like this when i open my eyes..
it's barely noticeable when i open my eyes..
but can be quite obvious when i close my eyes
like this

This is how my eyes looks with makeup..the tapes are slightly noticeable but still MUCH better than the eyelid glue.

P/S : The tapes do fall off if you sweat a lot and better don't use this if you have sensitive skin. You can buy those transparent surgical tapes and cut them up and used as double eyelid tapes, these are better because they are more 'breathable' and is more suitable for sensitive skin.

I also bought the fake PINK LADY double eyelid tapes which is only like RM2 or RM4? i couldnt remember, and so much difference. The fake one is sooo obvious and not as sticky as the original ones.

Packaging : 7/10
Lasting Power : 9/10 ( It usually last me for the WHOLE DAY)
Price : Rm8.90 ( can buy from SASA)
Overall ratings : 8/10
( I'm still searching for less obvious eyelid tapes, any suggestions girls?)

Monday, May 5, 2008


RMK is quite a new brand for Malaysians.
There are only 2 RMK counters in Malaysia, that is one at Pavillion Parkson and The Garden's Isetan.
RMK = Rumiko. More details about Rumiko

Generally, i have always had faith in Japanese products. Japanese are usually very keen in producing quality products and put alot of effort in terms of packaging too. I've always like brands like Kanebo, Kate, Majolica Majorca, Shiseido The Makeup and also RMK!! I am extremely in love with RMK recently. However, the price range is above average.

Luckily, I asked a forummer to help me purchase these three for the price of two! How worth is that?!! Actually the promotion period is over edy, but the forummer is still able to get the promotion set bcuz she's a loyal customer of RMK.
The promotion set is any foundation + any makeup base , free one skintuner of your choice~

RMK Creamy Foundation SPF17/ PA++
Shade : 102

My review :

This is by far the BEST foundation i've tried!! I've tried a few foundations before and i love this the most! It's is non oily and melts into ur skin like a dream! The coverage is quite good too. It even have a spatula for you to scoop out the foundation for hygienic purposes.

However, the bad part is it's very troublesome to have to open the cap everytime and scoop out the foundation, because there's a transparent cap inside which is quite tight and made a mess when i try to pull it out. What i can do is scoop some out and place it into a small container then it would be much easier for me.

It's quite lasting and it does not leave a sticky feeling at all.. i have Bobbi Brown's smooth skin foundation too but the texture is so much difference. Although Bobbi's also give good coverage and dewy finish but it just makes my skin feels so uncomfortable and sticky, as if my skin could not breath under the mask >.<> The texture is quite watery.
It's not like the other creamy foundations which have thicker texture.
And this foundation i think is quite suitable for dry skin. For oily skin, you may try RMK's liquid foundation which is RM155, I heard that the liquid foundation is also fab but it's lighter and thus coverage will also be lighter.

Coverage : 8/10
Packaging : 6/10 (It's kinda bulky and the cap is VERY fragile, just created a bump on my cap when i placed the foundation with a tweezer and a scissor in a makeup case)
Lasting power : 8.5/10
Price : RM170
Overall ratings : 9.5/10

RMK Creamy Makeup Base
Shade : 01

My Review :

This makeup base really gives a dewy effect! When you look at it closely, you can notice very tiny shimmer like particles. They're really tiny so it only gives a subtle shimmer to your skin.
However, i only use it on my cheeks, the T zone and some on my chin, so that it can slightly highlight my feature. The texture is very light.
According to the SA, some of us who sometimes dont like to use foundation should opt for shade#01 and #02 (#01 for lighter skin which #02 for darker skin) because this can be used like a tinted moisturiser.
For shade #00, it's a transparent makeup base.

Packaging : 8/10
Price : RM120
Overall review : 8/10

:sweat: i feel so shy..
Problems : Dark undereye circles, Large pores and blackheads on my nose, Uneven skintone and Tiny pimples.

Makeup base + Foundation

My dark undereye circles are obviously camouflaged.
My skintone also became more even toned.
Blackheads and pores are less noticeable.

As for the skin tuner, i've not tried it yet, thus i could not review on that. As i know, the skintuner is a toner+moisturiser. So it's a 2 in 1 skincare product.
Will review it after i've tried. The skintuner is RM135 and i chose extra moist.
Wonder when will RMK have this promotion again? :)