Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taiwan 100% Handmade Lashes

Although i seldom use fake lashes,
but i simply love these taiwanese hand made lashes~!
they are soooo easy to work with and the result is very natural :D
I've tried a few types before, but the one i really love was the one with transparent root stripe , No.7, it gave the most natural effect~
I used for like 4 or 5 times before it got really out of shape that i had to throw them away..I bought from cheeyt from for Rm5 (i think), very very worth it!(photo courtesy of cheeyt)

As for Princess Lee ,
(photo courtesy of cheeyt)
It's very very soft too, but might be because of my lack of experience i had cut it a little too short, :( so din get to really try this, Princess Lee lashes will be the most expensive ones because they are highly demanded.

Recently, i bought a whole box of handmade lashes for only Rm20!

It was very easy to work with too but the result was not very natural though,
maybe it was a little too long, a little trim should do the trick.

Anyone had tried ardell fake lashes before?
heard that ardell lashes was highly recommended by Niu Er in Ladies First Show, and i've seen them being introduced in Channel V before too~ they said that ardell lashes are very very durable and natural too! they can use it for like 10 times and it's still in shape.
Anyone mind to share your experiences in ardell lashes?

MAC Heatherette Collection

I was so excited when the Heatherette Collection was launched in US. I was so attracted by the packaging! Instead of the old black-looking MAC casing, this is definitely a MUST-HAVE.

So i decided to wait for it to be launch in Malaysia..i waited for like... 5 months??
I heard that most of collection are gone within the 1st or 2nd day since it was launched.
I tested them at Pavillion and uhmm... somehow they don't attract me as much as 5 months ago..

Here's a list of what's available in this collection :

Lipstick – limited edition

Traditional M•A•C lipstick formula in limited edition hot pink case. Featuring a holographic foil decal of the Heatherette logo.
Lollipop Loving Clean mid-tone coral with subtle green iridescence (glaze)
Fleshpot Light neutral beige (satin)
Hollywood Nights Clean fuchsia pink (satin)
Melrose Mood Clean pastel pink (amplified)

Lipglass – limited edition

Traditional M•A•C lipglass formula in limited edition hot pink case. Featuring a holographic foil decal of the Heatherette logo.
Bonus Beat Sheer yellow beige with gold pearl (frost)
Sock Hop Soft mid-tone coral (cream)
Style Minx Clean fuchsia pink (frost)
Starlet Kiss Clean pastel pink (frost)

Eye shadow X 3 – limited edition

Three eye shadows in a hot pink compact with holographic foil decal featuring the Heatherette logo.
  • Heatherette Trio 1
Mood Ring Pastel Mint Green (veluxe pearl)
Cloud Burst True black with subtle green pearl (velvet)
Hoppin’ Clean pastel peach (frost)
  • Heatherette Trio 2
Baby Petals Pastel Pink (satin)
V.I.P. Clean mid-tone yellow pink (velvet)
Cassette Blackened eggplant purple (veluxe pearl)

Dual-edge eye pencil – limited edition

A dual-edge pencil where one of the tips provides a creamy eye liner formula that gives a smooth, precise application in classic tradition while the second tip offers a glitter-finished eye liner. Use separately, as a dual line, or layer one over the other for an intense finish.
Black Funk/Pop Blue True black/turquoise with silver glitter
Phone Me/Text Me Charcoal grey/metallic silver with silver glitter
Nighthawk/Front Row Coffee brown/neutral peach with gold glitter
FAB Orchid/Dash Lily Jewel-tone purple/mid-tone lavender with
silver glitter


Reflects Gold Translucent glitter with gold reflection
3D Silver Multi-reflective silver


Jardin Aires Gilded peach with silver reflect glitter
Pink Pearl Mid-tone pink with blue reflection

Beauty powder – limited edition

A luxurious jet-milled pressed powder providing a sheer tint with a pearlescent finish. Specially tinted to coordinate with the shades of the Heatherette collection. Packaged in a Hot Pink compact with holographic foil decal featuring the Heatherette logo.
Smooth Harmony Medium golden bronze
Alpha Girl Pink with gold nuances

Nail laquer

Lola Devine Medium golden bronze (cream)
$$$$$ Yes Metallic silver foil (frost)

Lash – limited edition

She’s Good A full-length upper lash featuring lush style, flirtatious length, and Diva-style glamour. Lashes are finished in high-shine patent.
She’s Bad A full-length upper lash featuring length,
density and glamorously edgy fishnet texture. Lashes are
finished in high-shine patent. Limited edition

Finally i only bought 2 dual-edge eyeliners. Text me, Phone me and Fab orchid, Dash Lily.
Well, actually i wanted to buy Alpha girl beauty powder, but it was not brought in Malaysia, guess it's because they were all sold out in US unfair..
but luckily i bid the alpha girl off ebay, and it was sent to a friend of mine in US. Since he will only be back end of the year, well..i'll just wait for a few more months :D

Swatch for the dual-edge pencil liners.

Colour intensity : 8/10
Lasting Power : 4/10
Packaging : 7/10
Price : RM70 each
Overall ratings : 5/10

The pencils are very soft and very easy to apply.
and this would be easy to use if you wanted to draw smokey eyes.
*Beware!! The eyeliners smudge VERY easily. and it's non-waterproof too. When i first applied, it smudged straight away on my lower eyelid.*
However, *Chris* told me to apply liquid glitter liner on top of the liner and it really does work.
I use MAC glitter eyeliner in spunsilver.
Less smudge and lasted me whole day.

and i would like to change the overall ratings to 7/10 !

My favourites are the Phone Me ( Dark black charcoal colour) and Dash Lily ( Light purple glitters)

and oh..i tried the lollipop loving lipstick too..
the colour is just so gorgeous!
but too bad i seldom use lipstick, so i'll just give this a miss.