Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stila Eyeshadow Trio - Gold Glow

I am actually not a fan of Stila cosmetics, but the quality of their products are nevertheless very good.

Stila can be easily found in major shopping malls in KL, kuching has yet to have one, hopefully they will consider opening a counter in Kuching soon.

Their most raved products should be the lip glaze, eyeshadow, illuminating foundation, and convertible colour.

I have their convertible colour in petunia, lip glaze and an eyeshadow palette which i just sold off not long ago. Sold the eyeshadow palette not because it is not great, but it is not quite suitable for me as it doesn't have shimmers which i like in japanese cosmetics very very much. Thus, i usually am not interested in Stila's eyeshadow palette anymore until i see this- Gold Glow Eyeshadow Trio!

Eye Shadow Trio
Let your lids look like they've been lying in the sun. Designed to be applied either wet or dry, this eyeshadow trio is baked on a terra cotta disk for a sheer, never chalky, application. The bronze trio features three different tonal shades for use as a base, crease shadow, and eyeliner.

Size: 0.17 oz

(Quoted from

The colours are well pigmented and very shimmery which i like! However the eyeshadows are not a little gritty, might be caused by the shimmers. Well, i don't really mind because the colours are so easy to blend. However i don't like the price and the packaging. The packaging is made of cardboard which seems mighty fragile. *Just saw stila's website , it stated that the packaging is now changed to aluminium compacts!*

I can't comment on the lasting power yet, because i have yet to try it. :P

Packaging : 4/10
Price : RM120
Overall Review : 6/10
It's nice for an everyday look, but it's too pricey and not special enough.


Miu said...

hi i like your blog on stila! i'm a stila fan, love everything about stila.......*love*

and your tips on the double eye lid tutorial! is great! i've single eye lid too and I want to learn how to make double eyelids, goin to buy sticker to try on. The glue u said seems hard? I dun think newbies like me will know how to use that.. :( so sticker sounds easier.

yinyin said...

haha hi there miu
yeap i know ur a big stila fan and i envy ur collection! i have very little stila products but i love the petunia convertible cheek, the colour is so lovely!

thanks~! hmm actually after some practice i actually liked the glue more than the tape..i usually use the glue one without makeup one cuz it's unnoticeable as compared to tapes..:D

Miu said...

yinn i link u from my blog ok =)

yinyin said...

sure no problem :)