Monday, May 5, 2008


RMK is quite a new brand for Malaysians.
There are only 2 RMK counters in Malaysia, that is one at Pavillion Parkson and The Garden's Isetan.
RMK = Rumiko. More details about Rumiko

Generally, i have always had faith in Japanese products. Japanese are usually very keen in producing quality products and put alot of effort in terms of packaging too. I've always like brands like Kanebo, Kate, Majolica Majorca, Shiseido The Makeup and also RMK!! I am extremely in love with RMK recently. However, the price range is above average.

Luckily, I asked a forummer to help me purchase these three for the price of two! How worth is that?!! Actually the promotion period is over edy, but the forummer is still able to get the promotion set bcuz she's a loyal customer of RMK.
The promotion set is any foundation + any makeup base , free one skintuner of your choice~

RMK Creamy Foundation SPF17/ PA++
Shade : 102

My review :

This is by far the BEST foundation i've tried!! I've tried a few foundations before and i love this the most! It's is non oily and melts into ur skin like a dream! The coverage is quite good too. It even have a spatula for you to scoop out the foundation for hygienic purposes.

However, the bad part is it's very troublesome to have to open the cap everytime and scoop out the foundation, because there's a transparent cap inside which is quite tight and made a mess when i try to pull it out. What i can do is scoop some out and place it into a small container then it would be much easier for me.

It's quite lasting and it does not leave a sticky feeling at all.. i have Bobbi Brown's smooth skin foundation too but the texture is so much difference. Although Bobbi's also give good coverage and dewy finish but it just makes my skin feels so uncomfortable and sticky, as if my skin could not breath under the mask >.<> The texture is quite watery.
It's not like the other creamy foundations which have thicker texture.
And this foundation i think is quite suitable for dry skin. For oily skin, you may try RMK's liquid foundation which is RM155, I heard that the liquid foundation is also fab but it's lighter and thus coverage will also be lighter.

Coverage : 8/10
Packaging : 6/10 (It's kinda bulky and the cap is VERY fragile, just created a bump on my cap when i placed the foundation with a tweezer and a scissor in a makeup case)
Lasting power : 8.5/10
Price : RM170
Overall ratings : 9.5/10

RMK Creamy Makeup Base
Shade : 01

My Review :

This makeup base really gives a dewy effect! When you look at it closely, you can notice very tiny shimmer like particles. They're really tiny so it only gives a subtle shimmer to your skin.
However, i only use it on my cheeks, the T zone and some on my chin, so that it can slightly highlight my feature. The texture is very light.
According to the SA, some of us who sometimes dont like to use foundation should opt for shade#01 and #02 (#01 for lighter skin which #02 for darker skin) because this can be used like a tinted moisturiser.
For shade #00, it's a transparent makeup base.

Packaging : 8/10
Price : RM120
Overall review : 8/10

:sweat: i feel so shy..
Problems : Dark undereye circles, Large pores and blackheads on my nose, Uneven skintone and Tiny pimples.

Makeup base + Foundation

My dark undereye circles are obviously camouflaged.
My skintone also became more even toned.
Blackheads and pores are less noticeable.

As for the skin tuner, i've not tried it yet, thus i could not review on that. As i know, the skintuner is a toner+moisturiser. So it's a 2 in 1 skincare product.
Will review it after i've tried. The skintuner is RM135 and i chose extra moist.
Wonder when will RMK have this promotion again? :)


cherish.cyndi said...

Nice post! I want to try RMK so much but it is so expensive for me. >< And the effect is great, your skin looks pretty after applying their products. =) How about comparing it to GA? You have GA foundation right before if I am not mistaken?

yinyin said...

haha thanks cyndi
ya the effect is so good love it so much :)
hmm nope i dun have GA foundation..only have the GA fluid sheer.
I've asked kassie bout it edy she said she thinks that RMK is better than GA cuz RMK just 'sticks' to ur face and makes the makeup looks very natural.
It's ok save little by little then can edy haha :D

Connie said...

hey, that looks nice! I dunno when only I'll try RMK products. abit the steep for me. lol.

my TOP foundations is still GA's luminous silk foundation or the designer shaping cream foundation. it probably isn't too suitable for those with oilier complexion unless they have a really good base. but for me with dry skin, it's so wonderful.

yinyin said...

ya had been dying to try GA too..but since RMK have this promotion so i just went ahead and buy it..haha no regrets :D

anyways love ur informative!