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Crazy about Laneige

Laneige is a Korean brand if anyone of u haven't heard of this..
It's a high end brand, which means the products are sold at counters in Parkson, isetan etc. Those sold in shelfs of Watsons, Guardian etc are considered as low-end products. But low-end products doesnt mean they're not good~ :D
I like ZA, Maybelline, Loreal and am a big big fan of KATE!
However, the prices of Laneige's products are really not bad and affordable.

Laneige is pronounced “la nej” and rhymes with the word “edge”. It is the French word meaning “snow”.

Laneige products are most popular among Asian women in their late teens to mid thirties, whose primary concerns are nurturing their skin for the most balanced, fully hydrated and healthy complexion possible. ( Just nice for my age ^^)

Had been drooling over Laneige nowadays...
and here's my hauls :
I bought 3 of their star products

First of all is the Laneige Sliding Pact SPF 24 ( for dry skin)
There are 3 types if i'm not mistaken, 1 for dry skin, 1 for oily skin and 1 for normal, and the colours of the casings are different.
I bought colour No.2 - healthy and lively skin
It is 12g/0.4OZ
I lurve lurve lurve the casing!~
You just have to slide open the foundation, and a square powder puff is below the foundation. It has a big plastic mirror in front.
Interestingly, the casing is designed by a samsung designer.
* I'm a sucker for pretty packaging~!!*

My Review : This foundation has very fine powder, which gives a very natural finish and not cakey at all. I love the nice smell of the powder~ At first i feel it's not really good but after a few uses, i found that skin must be well moisturised and if possible use a makeup base. Then the foundation will glide on smoothly and makes ur skin glow~ However, this foundation doesnt give much coverage.

Coverage : 5/10
Packaging : 9/10
Lasting power : 7/10
Price : RM115
Overall ratings : 8/10
This is a sliding pact commercial by Jeon Ji-hyun ( Laneige's spokesperson), she is soo pretty!

and here's another one for sliding pact..gosh..i love her ads!~ she looks fab!

Laneige Water Bank Essense

This is another star product from Laneige, which many many Taiwan gurls faved!
[­This is the essence to moisturize dry skin and to give the feeling of soothing.
­Aqua Super Action backed by the Novasome Technology enhances the ability to contain moist in order to keep your skin constantly soft.
­Dusali Water Science helps the moisturization and the circulation of acid for radiant and fresh looking skin.
­Natural extracts from bean, blueberry and honey protect your skin from external stimulation and make your skin more elastic and healthier] - copied from

And so
My review : After applying this , my skin felt supple and soft. However, my face does feel oily after about 2 hours,maybe it is too hydrating for me? i'm not sure... Love the smell though.
However, i love how my face look in the morning. Glowy and nice :)

Overall ratings : 7/10

Laneige Sleeping Pack Plus

This is a another highly raved product from Laneige- a sleeping mask !
Sleeping mask is one of the most popular products from Korean branded skincare such as The Face Shop, Beauty Credit etc.

My review : Nice smell~ and my face felt so relaxed and cooling when i applied. And it soaked into my skin pretty quickly, thus you dont have to worry about staining on ur pillows. When i wash my face in the morning, i found that my face is smoother, and glowy. However, if i use this with the Water Bank Essense, i will have many small pimples popped out in the morning! Urggh...i asked a few other friends, and they had no problem with this. My skin is becoming more and more sensitive >.<...

i guess essence + sleeping mask = too rich for me :(

Price : Rm100
Overall ratings : 7/10

Here are some reviews from

超好用!!!! 第一次用還沒有很強烈的感覺 第二次用整個毛孔都縮小 而且臉部皮膚也變得很嫰 隔天 白天上妝也變得很服貼 大家都問我為什麼皮膚會這麼好,一整個得意 大推啊!!!

Laneige既皇牌產品,訓覺用既mask,岩賴人用(me) 之前聽人講開住冷氣最好唔好敷水份mask, 因為部冷氣會抽返走mask既水份, 但係我用E隻唔會,我覺得E隻可以話開冷氣必備, 隔日敷都得,第二朝早起身,塊面明顯有返彈性, 充滿水份,滑左,亦比較易上妝~

非常好用, 快用完第2罐了! 它的香味令我聯想起游水..... 夜晚用後隔天皮膚水份充足了很多, 化妝比平時貼服! 我每星期用大概3次.. 可以用好久! *拇指*


I've tried the sample pack of Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation SPF22/PA+. It is a dual combination of liquid foundation at the bottom and concealer on top (1 for Rm130 only! what a steal!). I saw this in 女人我最大, in fact i've seen quite a number of Laneige products appeared in that programme~
My Review :I love this foundation! It gives sheer-medium coverage, dewy and smooth finish! Moreover it smells very very nice too! All Laneige products smells nice but not those irritating smells.
And it's so easy to use since it consists of both concealer and foundation. Thumbs up for this!
Overall ratings : 9/10
Price : Rm130

I love the ad too! also by Jeon Ji Hyun

And my free gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alot right? *Happy*

High perm curling mascara
Laneige Natural Pure Makeup Base ( I have to pay rm10 for this =.=)
Lip n Eye Makeup Remover
Perfect renew emulsion, skin refiner, essense and cream.
Balancing emulsion 2
Power essential skin emulsion
Snow crystal shimmer lipgloss
Natural ended loose powder and a black cosmetic bag.

Tried the Natural Pure Makeup Base and Perfect Renew Cream only though... Natural Pure Makeup Base [SPF 26/PA+]
I chose light purple for the makeup base,
the makeup base is pretty good, corrects my skin colour and has sun protection too.
It's non sticky and leaves skin smooth.
but i love RMK one better :)
*I cant find this in the websites..maybe they changed the name to

Overall ratings : 7/10

Perfect Renew Cream
Description :
- Suitable for all skin types
- allows long-lasting hydration effect
- Loose droopy skin is firmed and nourished all at an instance
- reverses aged skin from premature aging symptoms as a rich, moisture sensation is experienced and absorbed effortlessly within

My review :This cream is non sticky, leaves skin very very smooth..but gave me breakouts..argh..
i think this range is for suitable for more mature skin
Cant give ratings for this though cuz i used once only..haha cuz heard others said that hafta use many times then wont have breakouts and will have very very smooth skin..
but...i dont dare to try~ i am scared that the breakouts will become worst n worst..zzzzz
50ml - RM190

Lastly, please be VERY CAREFUL with buying Laneige online..
because there are many China made Laneige products..and they are not like those Anna Sui, M.A.C etc which are easier to identify,
when i saw the photos bet the real one and fake one..i cant really differentiate..
will post the difference between the real ones and fakes one soon..
but too tired now..
tata :)


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