Sunday, April 13, 2008

M*A*D Pigments

Weeee...finally added more colours to my babies~!~
This time i bought multi use mineral pigments...shipped all the way from USA!! Thanks to a fren in Malaysian Babes for letting us ride with her order...

What's mineral makeup pigments u may ask. Well minearal makeup are made of natural ingredients and contains no chemicals or preservatives. And they contain no oils, perfumes, dyes or talc - so they're gentle to the skin Thus it's much saver than some other cosmetics which contain cancerous/dangerous ingredients.

Multi use color pigments can be used as eyeshadow,or add into lipgloss to add some colours, add into ur nail polish, on ur cheeks etc etc... but i guess i will be using them for eyeshadows :)

I bought them in 1/4tsp sample can be used for about 20-30times...well that's very good for me as i never finish using eyeshadows.. so this sample baggie is great for me!~
But i feel that baggies are quite troublesome to use so i buy some empty jars... more $$$$ needed!! :(
Tada! I've finished tranferring them from the sample baggies into jars! I have 19 new colours!!! Awesome!!!

They are :
Shell, Petal,Creamy Butter, Furious, Halo, Kunzite, Chance, Spirit,Cat's eye,Day Dreamer, Aquadelic,Spritz,Tanzanite,Plum passion, Foiled,Delirious, Really, Evocative and supernova

All the colours are super gorgeous with lots of bling bling! And they're very very u only need to apply a bit for the colours to show...

Tanzanite,a shimmery soft purple blue

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