Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Natural Eye Makeup Application

Jenny had asked me how to apply eyeshadow from like uhm..i think 1 year ago till now...i still cant give her a very good answer...hahahaha...
sorry ya Jenny..
so i decided to do a simple tutorial on eyeshadow application..

Things that i used :
From left : Skinfood Ginkgo BB Cream #2
RMK Creamy Makeup Base
KATE Eyebrow Colour
MAC Brow Finisher - Clear
MAC technakohl eyeliner - Earthline
Maybelline Volume Turbo Mascara
KATE Mascara Base
Elianto Lash Curler
Loreal Blush Delice - Pink marshmallow (not in pic)
and also

Shiseido The Makeup Colour Collection Palette
Top layer is the eyeshadows, while the bottom layer is Lipgloss+Lipstick

1. Brush on or tap on the golden beige eyeshadow (3rd from the left in the palette) on the whole eyelid with an eyeshadow brush or a finger, do not apply higher than the crease or else ur eyes will look puffy
2. Apply the dark brown shadow (1st from the left in the palette) on the 3rd quarter at the end of the eye lid
3. Then brush on the golden olive colour(3rd from left in the palette) on the 2/3 of the eyelid starting from the inner "V" (next to the nosebridge) of the lid towards the middle. And the BLEND! Blend the shadows well 2gether.
4. In order to make ur eyes appear rounder, apply the golden beige shadow on the bulge of ur eyeball.

*p/s i'm so sorry i had mix up the colours of the indicators >.<
at first green =" green"
but now green = brown and brown = green..hope u understand what i mean*

and voila~ u will have something like this

Line a brown eyeliner as close to both upper and lower lash line as possible.
Then, curl ur lashes (heat the curler with hair dryer first-but not too hot or else u will hurt urself)
Apply a coat of mascara base and a few coats of mascara

It will look like this under natural sunlight

Then lightly tap on some foundation on ur lips to conceal ur natural lip colour
Apply a pinkish lipstick ( i used the last one from left) and coat with a layer of clear lipgloss

To complete the look don't forget to brush on a light layer of blusher
-pink / peach will be suitable for fair skin
while darker skintone will look good in bronzy colour for that sun-kissed look

Hope you like it ! :)


Eleanor said...

cool...thanks for the info =) but where to get those base thing ar? like need to put sth before putting eye liner ma?

yinyin said...

Hmm? which base? hehe u meant the makeup base or mascara base?
makeup base is to apply on ur face b4 applying foundation one to cover pores and also protect ur skin. Mascara base is to lengthen n volumise ur lashes wan :) can buy the mascara base from uhmm..i think 4th miles everrise have KATE, while makeup base can try other brand gua..kuching dun have RMK yet hehe..hmm? b4 putting eyeliner? if u scare the eyeliner will streak then apply eye base b4 eyeshadow & liner, or another method is dust on some loose powder around ur eye area after u've done ur makeup

cherish.cyndi said...

I love it babe! I don't know how to apply eyeshadow properly de lol. got to link your webbie ady

yinyin said...

haha hope it's helpful although it's not very detailed..okie thanks dear

mann said...

very nice color combination! although im still lost about the green brown thing =P

yinyin said...

haha sorry bout that mann~
me myself was also confused @_@