Sunday, April 13, 2008

Majolica Majorca Majolook Palette

They Are finally here~!

I bought 3 of them, 2 majolook palettes and 1 eyeshadow SV821. Felt so happy that i finally had my hands on them...but too bad it's not being sold in malaysia.. i have to order all the way from japan/taiwan to get it..this is way too troublesome and i dun even have the chance to test them myself.

the packaging looks really pretty but all the instructions and wordings are all in japanese... this is a disadvantage!! >.<
For VI261 Majolook, the colours are really pretty~ The top part is a cream eyeshadow which is ideal for highlighting, starting from left is silver,purple and black. They are really shiny and gives a polished look. The colours are quite pigmented.

For BR731 Dollseries Majolook, The top part is gel eyeliner.. i think it's kinda like bobbi brown gel eyeliner but of cuz the quality is not as good as bobbi's. In the palette contains a small eyeliner brush and a eyeshadow applicator. The colours are actually not as i've expected.. the pigmentation is so-so, but the powders are silky smooth and it does give a very natural look, ideal for casual makeup.

All and all.. i feel that MM eyeshadow quality are almost similar to KATE, so i guess buying KATE would be much easier as i can buy them in Malaysia.

Doll series- BR731Majolook VI261

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