Monday, April 14, 2008

Majolica Majorca Spring 2008 Collection

Majolica Majorca Spring 2008 - Trick On Eyes

Majolica Majorca released new collection!! And i was so attracted to this collection so much bcuz :
1) The ads are pretty!!
2) This time it consists of 4 shadows instead of the usual palette with 3 shadows+1 eyeliner/cream shadow which is quite useless.
3) I seldom buy Greenish shadows!

Overall there are 3 eyeshadow palettes, mascara, and lipglosses in this collection.However, i only bought 2 of the eyeshadow palette..others doesnt interest me much though...

Left - GR741 (Limited) 光合作用
Right - PK740 黎明

First of all, isn't the box pretty??
It's small, portable and it's so easy to use because it shows application steps at the back of the box, how nice :)

Swatch -
This palette consists of a very pretty green, dark green, pearly white, and a very special trick on eyes - gold irrediscent.
The colours are pretty and has very good staying power..

Grabbed some photos from a blog which was taken from some taiwanese mag which explains very clearly about this palette.

And even shows you how to apply !
Now after learning this you can go ahead and take ur own ads :P
However, i dont follow the steps as i dun have such pretty eyes :(
This is mine
Not very clear? sorry..took this after like 10 hours after..
see..the staying power is great!

Now here's my favourite palette of the collection!

This look very normal and unattractive..
but believe me i'm sure u'll like it - for that girlish side of u.. :)

Swatch -
This palette consists of 1) very pretty pink which WILL NOT make ur eyes puffy, the glitters are very tiny and not those disco balls glitters ,
2) A pearly creamy white
3) A dark maroon for liner
4) Trick on powder - This is gorgeous! it has purplish irrediscent,
when applied it gave different colours from different direction, sometimes purple, sometimes pink..gorgeous~~

And out of my 6 palettes, i lurve this new collection the most!
Many girls have asked me where to buy these..
I bought these online ,
and here's the website

Happy shopping :)

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