Sunday, April 13, 2008

M.A.C Barbie Collection, YSL, The Body Shop, Bobbi Brown

WoohoO! finally bought something from the Barbie Loves M.A.C collection. The products are sold out almost all around the world. I was lucky to get my hands on one lipstick, although it's only one but i'm already pretty satisfied.

This Spring, Barbie is hip, happening and all-M·A·C with a modern rebel attitude and fashionable indie style. On lips, cheeks, eyes and skin, Barbie Loves M·A·C, a limited edition colour collection specially created for all you living dolls.

Esther told me she went to test out the barbie collection's lipstick and she said they are beautiful and glossy too!~ That makes me itch to try it out :P

My recent M.A.C purchases :

For the lipstick, sweet and single is described as Neutral silvered plum with multicoloured pearl (Lustre) in the M.A.C official website. I personally only tried it once and i think it was OKAY only because i don't think the colour really suits me but just for the barbie head on the lipstick it's worth collecting because it's sooooOoo cute~ EDIT : after using it more than twice.. i love the colour very much now!~ the colour is really subtle n got some shining shining dusts..i love the smell too ^^

For the eyeshadow & pigments, i'm so so impressed by it because it's not only super pigmented it's also very easy to blend.. the colours are gorgeous~

Humid- Rich forest green with shimmers

Blue - Striking blue with shimmers (Ltd.edition)

M.A.C fluidlines and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners are one of the hottest gel eyeliner in the market nowadays. I bought the BB gel eyeliner on december last year when i traveled to KL. I love it to bits! it's long wearing,waterproof and easy to apply..u can either draw it into thick or thin lines depends on yourselves. However although many ppl said that it's smudge free, for me i think that it smudges a bit on me, thus i decided to buy M.A.C fluidline to try. Hope that it does not smudge on me. BB graphite shimmer is a little more to grey with slight shimmers and M.A.C blacktrack is pure black without shimmers. Both gel eyeliners can be used as eyeshadows..great for smoky~ For packaging wise, i love BB more than M.A.C because the fluidline is somewhat a little heavier than BB's.

Other cosmetics which i purchased recently :

Yves Saint Laurent Blushing Powder- This blush is super pigmented.. the first time i tried it on my cheeks looked like baboon's bud!! Then i tried to apply with a very very VERY light hand then it appeared very prettily with a slight sheen. Thus i guess buying 1 compact can last me a long long long time as i only have to apply a little each time.

The Body Shop Mini Brush Set. I love this! they are super mini and looks cute~ i have 2 other Body shop's normal brushes and i love all of them! The brushes are very soft and won't poke my skin( as some cheapo brushes will! ouch~!) and most of all they are affordable compared to high end brands like Bobbi brown n M.A.C. i totally can't afford to buy brushes from those brands! 0.o

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