Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Pink Lipgloss + Lancome Juicy Tubes

I begged Anita to help me buy Baby pink stuffs when she went to HK, unfortunately all that was in stock was lipglosses ...and to my dismay i found Baby Pink lipgloss in Watsons too! Haha..i'm very sorry Nita nita for troubling u >.< style="text-align: center;">

Price : Dirt Cheap! With quality of cuz ;)

Lasting power : 6/10
Packaging : 10/10 ( I love squeeze tubes, cuz it's easy to apply and fuss free)
Overall ratings : 10/10!!

As for Lancome Juicy Tubes, i bought Lychee. It is a darker pink with lots and lots of tiny glitters. I dont really like this colour as it washed me out, made me look paler and unhealthy. it just me or what.. i feel it smells like plastic. Everytime i slatter on this i felt like slattering on a thick globe of plastic on my lips...>.<
Lasting power : 7/10
Packaging : 10/10
Overall ratings : 5/10( i just don't like the smell >.<)


-me ish teacher - said...

Lancome lipgloss really sticky laaa but stayed really long. I got two of them as a birthday present. Dunno what mine smell like but pretty tasty. But I love my YSL lip gloss more... HAHAHAHA...

yinyin said...

dunno lei...last time i have another one also pretty tasty hmm...wa YSL mai exp? hehe..

-me ish teacher - said...

YSL i bought on sale... i think NZD 29 or 39. Bought it for fun.. HAHAHA... Here prices if one on one with Msian pretty ok wo... but... exchange it... DIE.

yinyin said...

hahahaha..aiyah..u earn NZD buy there of cuz is fine :) if earn RM go there sure die..makan roti also not enough money