Sunday, April 13, 2008

Majolica Majorca

The eyeshadow palette that i ordered finally reached Malaysia!!! I ordered Majolook 小夜曲VI261..isn't the colours look pretty? I even thought that the logo of mojolica majorca looks cool. And their webpage is awesome!! After browsing through their webpage i realised thier products are sold chapter by chapter.. meaning most of them are limited edition, thus that makes more people aiming at their products!! That is why majomajo is known as one of the most popular cosmetic brand in Japan. Heard everybody are commenting on how great Majomajo is and that it is quite affordable. Well... i still can't give any comments because i still did not get the item that i ordered.... :P

Then i came accross Chapter 14 by Majomajo~ Like A Doll ...I couldn't believe it.. i only started to collect it at chapter 14?! I'm so way behind!! Anyways, The dolls look sooooo pretty! i'm totally in love.. i soo want to buy everything from the series~ hahaha but i know i can't...well here are the dolls :

And so i decided to buy the brown one... simply becuz i love the makeup of the antique doll( The doll wearing green ribbon)...she's wearing the brown eyeshadow. The eyeshadow of the girly doll is too pink.. i don't think i would dare to wear that colour :)
BR731古典歐式公主 ( Antique Doll)

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Evon said...

Hello. how do u order ur japanese/korean makeup? online? =)