Monday, April 14, 2008

Majolica Majorca Majolook Palette & Mascara & Lipgloss + Beaute De Kose + M.A.C mascaras

After trying majorlica majorca for the first time i couldnt help myself but to buy more more MORE of their stuff! they are simply gorgeous~ and the golden logo really did attracted me alot.. Majolook - BR762 , From left - Gold, olive gold, golden brown
Majolook - BL763, From left White with purplish sparkles(very very pretty!),baby blue, denim blue
Honey pump gloss - PK110 ( a very clear lipgloss)
Lash expander x15 mascara
Majolook BL763 , Rating : 8/10
A very very pretty colour!Majolook BR762 , Rating : 8/10
Perfect for casual outings and they are full of sparkles!~ pretty indeed :)
Majomajo's lipgloss is sooo tiny that i was so surprised when i received it.. it looked quite big in the photos 0.o, but it's very very cute indeed. I also bought Silkygirl's juicy fruity lipgloss in cherry tea and look at how both of them differ in size! and silkygirl's lipgloss is so cheap also only RM9.90 after discount..However silkygirl's gloss have this very weird smell & taste that made me felt dizzy and uncomfortable, the colour is nice though and the gloss is not very sticky. While majomajo's lipgloss smell & taste nice!~ light fruity smell & taste.. but i think i chose the wrong colour.. this colour looks very common.. it's just like a very clear gloss..should have chose a more pigmented colour.
Silkygirl lipgloss , rating : 5/10 ( the smell is too overwhelming)
Majolica majorca's lipgloss , rating : 7/10 ( a bit more sticky than silkygirl's but the shine is glasslike and easier to be applied compared to silkygirl's..this is smoother)
Silkygirl - cherry teaMajomajo - PK110
See! the gloss is so tiny and cute! New new mascaras!!
Majomajo lash expander
Rating : 9/10
This is a great mascara!! holds curl and just like what it promised to do.. lengthen my lashes up to 15x as long as my normal lashes and made my lashes look black, thick & long...holds curl well..and it had a comb applicator which can make my lashes look 根根分明. The negative side is it's very very VERy hard to remove!!
This reminds me , eleanor always asked me how to remove mascara but i didn't answer her here goes..
1. Apply vaseline on ur lashes using a cotton bud or ur fingers
2. Wet facial cotton with eye makeup remover
3. Press the facial cotton on ur eyes for about 5 seconds then lightly wipe off..voila~ done!
or if u have eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup then u can skip the vaseline part..
for majomajo lash expander..i have to use vaseline -> eye makeup remover -> cleasing oil -> eye makeup remover then only can remove @_@
Lash expander - comb applicator
MAC loud lash in Boom brown , MAC zoom lash in Zoomblack
Rating : 5/10
Wand is too big, pull down my curls, doesn't really lengthen nor volumise..quite a big disappointment for MAC.. ><

Beaute de Kose Eye color Classure - Mulberry Lilac

Rating : 8/10

The eyeshadows are very very smooth and very easy to apply! a very sweet colour.. Casing is very very classy too..

Kose Mulberry Lilac - silvery purple

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